Starting or Restarting iMac - Palettes Everywhere

When I start or re-start my iMac there are palettes everywhere on the screen even though they were toggled off when I closed down. I presume there is a simple way to change this behaviour? Appreciate some feedback on this one, …

Please excuse me, but I have not got a clue what you mean by palettes and what they have to do with DT. Could you please elaborate or ideally post a screenshot?

I too am confused. Screencaps would be helpful.

Yes I am very confused … this query should have been directed to Keyboard Maestro Forum! Sorry.

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Haha! No worries.

But whilst you’re here, perhaps I could interest you in DEVONthink - it’s guaranteed to be completely palette free and it’s very good at remembering things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Actually I am a Pro user. Not me, but DEVONthink. I am looking to see what I can do with Keyboard Maestro in conjunction with DEVONthink.

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