Starting over: questions

Hi. I started with an older version of DT many years ago. I remember using it a lot for pulling up old information. Later on, I upgraded DTPro on a newer computer. I made a source folder containing multiple categories and all documents I wanted linked to DTPro. The idea was valid but ended up not working so well because I would have to add new stuff to the folder rather than contextual menu-send to DTPro; otherwise it was difficult to sync. I found myself using DTPro less and less and relying on HoudahSpot to find what I was looking for from all my hard drives, plus it didn’t have to build a catalog.

Now I have a new computer and want to start fresh. My ideal working scenario is that DTPro reads everything for when I search. Or do I need to do the folder thing? Otherwise, I really am not sure anymore what is the best way to use DTPro, so I am asking for help. Thank you!

If you haven’t read Joe Kissell’s book on using DEVONthink, it is a good place to start getting ideas for how to organize your files with DEVONthink. I also recommend reading past posts in this forum from Bill DeVille on his own experiences and advice for using DEVONthink.

There’s no single answer to your question “what is the best way to use DTPro”. Perhaps start with what you want to accomplish. Do you want to store, organize, and locate documents for your household? Do you want to work on a project, or research for a book, or maintain files for an office? Are you the only user of the files, or do others need to access them? If you’re not using DTPro now - what is not working with your current work flow and organization?