Startup Page?

I thought this might be a good option to turn on:
a startup page
Having each database in a large icon and then you click on which one you want to work with so you dont have to go through another step once its open (ive found a quicksilver way to do this but would be nice to add this in)

I know that DT 2.0 will support multiple databases more seemlessly but I thought I would throw this in there anyways

Hi, Tim. Thanks for the suggestion.

Comment: One database needs to be designated as default, anyway. That’s so that if an external application or script tries to send data to a DT Pro application when it’s closed, a database will automatically load to receive information.

Here’s a current kludge: Place all of your databases into a folder, and drag that folder to the Dock. Now you’ve got a Dock item from which you can select the desired database.

how would one set a main database?

With the database open, select File > Database Properties. Near the top of the Database Properties panel, check the option to make this the default database.


In Preferences > General - Default Database: click on the Select button and navigate to the desired database.

Ok thanks