Status of current version

Sorting the Reviews in iTunes by “Most Recent”, the first 7-8 are all stating that there are sync issues with desktop and DTTG. They are reviewing v1.0.2 of DTTG.

Is that a unique thing to these few users or a common theme?

I realize that with different iOS, different Mac OS, different versions of DTPO, it’s hard to know as a potential customer if it’s DTTG or these peoples configuration.

I also read that there is an engineer that isn’t working with the company anymore. Before spending $15, is there a way to confirm that with my configuration sync will work, is there a money-back guarantee if it won’t?

Also, being new to the iPhone, I’ve bought a few apps (TapForms for example) only to see them on “free app” sites within a few days of purchase (no refund of course), does Devon participate in these give-away sites? I ask not to hold out and get the app for free, but to know that I can buy with confidence that my money spent now will be well spent and I don’t turn around in a few days only to find it’s free.

Verizon iPhone4
OS Version 4.2.6

DTPO 2.0.7

MacBook Pro
2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Home network on Airport Extreme Base Station

Synchronization seems to most people, some have sync issues related to their network, but there is no common scheme.

We can give not “money back” guarantee on iTunes, like we give on the Mac, as the whole shop is solely in Apple’s hands. Please refer to Apple regarding their refund policies.

We do not have plans currently to give away DEVONthink To Go in a promotion soon.

Thank you. I’d rather invest in the software knowing there are no immediate “give aways” planned.

Since my 1Password which uses wifi sync (local network) has no issues I can assume DTPO won’t have issues.

It still may have issues but we will address all upcoming issues one by one in the forthcoming months including replacing the current sync code with a completely new one which is already in the works.

Why would you assume that about different products from different developers?

Naive. Not a iPhone programmer. Not a desktop app programmer. Just a silly consumer trying to make an educated purchase. Take your pick. That’s why I posted in the forums, I guess. Sorry to make that assumption.

With the dev’s honest feedback here, it helps guide my purchasing decision.

My Verizon (Didn’t have AT&T coverage where I live) iPhone has transformed my productivity to levels never before achieved as a Mac user using Palm’s OS, and then Blackberry’s OS and since DTPO is a daily part of my workflow, I wanted to be sure DTTG can seamlessly fit into my workflow before purchasing.

Have a great day! And thank you for taking time out of your busy day to be concerned about me making that assumption. :smiley:

And I can accept being cursed (at) for my concern. :slight_smile:

Only app I’ve had zero sync issues with (out of the relatively few that support it) is the unfortunately discontinued Pocketpedia 2, possibly because it’s simpler being only unidirectionally desktop-to-mobile. 1Password synching, which you specifically mentioned, has sometimes been finicky for me. Messiest was Notes post-sync and cleanup, which fortunately was a single incident with no data loss.

Don’t assume that. I’ve got 1Password and Omnifocus on my iPod. The iPod is a replacement for my Palm OS Treo

1Password has never had a problem syncing. I have had some issues with Omnifocus if I start it up on boot with the synch server not starting but the actual sync has worked fine. DTTG was a PITA to get working, but it now is finally working.

I moved to DT and DTTG from Evernote due to security concerns and issues with internet access in my area.

While I find DTTG a bit flakey still, it’s better for me to be in control of the sync rather than depend on some cloud service.

I do think it’s a good app and will improve when sync code is re-written.

Does v1.1 fix the syncing issues that have been seen on pre v1.1 releases?



For some it seems to do, for some it does not. The better descriptions we get regarding the sync problems (including step by step instructions on what is happening when you do what) the easier it is for us.

It’s always a problem when it works in the labs but it does not out there in the wild. None of our beta testers has yet reported a single serious sync problem with the last few releases.

This is not true. You can give money back, it is just that Apple will not manage the refund, you must do it yourself. OmniFocus does offer a 30 day money back on their iPad Apps.

Depends how badly you want to stand by your products. I keep coming back to DevonThink To GO, but I can’t really tell what it does, other than annoy a lot of people. I kind of wish you and OmniGroup would consider a merger.

If I were you I would not rush to get the DT mobile versions. The synch does not work, it really is that simple. I don’t know about the money back process. I have not tried requesting it, but I think I may soon. I am quickly loosing faith in this product. After all, if we are to place all of our important info into an app, it really should just work. I don’t buy this idea that it works for some people and not for others. My Mac is 4 months old, all my software is the latest version, my Omnifocus and MacJournal synch every time, obviously there is a problem here somewhere.

That’s right, it’s something the vendor can do if they choose to. I saw this on No Thirst’s web site for an iPhone version of MoneyWell, which I own.

“If you purchase from the iTunes App Store, please click on the Report a Problem link on your receipt or from your iTunes purchase history. Then click the Report a Problem on your purchase history for the product you want refunded. Please be specific about why and make sure you ask for your money back.”

I’m not asking Devon to change their money-back policy on DTTG, but don’t say it’s out of your hands, because it’s not (based on the fact that other software vendors are able to do this).

I really don’t want to be a paid beta tester either for the iPhone version since I paid a fairly large amount of money for the desktop app (DTPO), so I’ll follow the forums for some real-world feedback from users that things have stabilized and my documents, while it would be nice to have on the go, aren’t mission critical that I NEED them on the go.

I think that is a wise course of action that I too shall adopt, it would have been nice to have DT on the go with me, that is the reason I bought it, and that is the reason i have an iPad. but I guess we will just have to wait and see if they get the synch bug corrected. In the meantime some other members here assure me that the mac version of DT is solid, so I will continue to build up my database on the Mac until then.

More a combination of sync-related bugs/factors causing different issues than the sync bug.

For example, the first sync with a freshly installed DtTG 1.1 on my new 3GS seemed to successfully copy (based on item count) all the Global Inbox documents from DtPO to DtTG but some are missing in some of the copied groups for no apparent reason. That’s a different problem and symptoms than others.

Absolutely the desktop version is top notch! (And worth every penny for what it can do). That’s why I was hoping to have it “ToGo” as well on my new iPhone. Will wait and see how things improve on the portable version.

I’m sure they will get it sorted in time

I like and agree with your positive confidence. :slight_smile:

Devon development is glacial compared other organisations.

I bought it yesterday. It simply DOES NOT WORK, unless you want sync PDF’s from your global InBox. I don’t know, but I don’t think DevonThink thought about what people would use DevonThink To Go for.