Step-By-Step Instructions to Set up Synch with Dropbox

Hello! I have two mac laptops (one at home, one at work) and I want to synch my databases so I can update them from either computer. I want to use dropbox to do this. I have read the manual, the FAQ, the forum posts on this topic, etc., but I have not found anything that just gives step by step instructions for setting this up. I will admit I need a list that tells me every single thing I should click and in what order, written for someone with basically no prior knowledge. Does such a thing exist and if so could someone point me to it or post it here?

Thank you!

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
I have something that may be useful.

Thank you so much, I actually called up a more savvy friend and she walked me though it so I am synched now, but thank you.

You’re welcome and it’s good to have a friend like that :heart: :slight_smile: