Sticky Brain comparison and import?

Does anyone out there have experience in comparing Sticky Brain to Devon Think? Did they think Devon was superior? Any experience importing Sticky Brain database into Devon Think?

Any comments would help. I’m not sure that it is worth the effort to recopy all the notes over. I don’t see that much of a difference, except that Devon does not seem to support Palm syncronization.

Educate me, Please!


John B. :question: :question:

What makes DevonThink different than all others are the Classify, See Also and Fuzzy Search functions. They are usually referred as the AI functions here in the forums but I am not sure if it is a good name. What they do is to index which words goes together with which words and which documents you put together in folders. So for every document, it can suggest what others are related (See also) and which folder you should put in your new document (Classify). Fuzzy search not only searches the keywords you gave but also the related ones according to your database.

These are very unique functions and for me enough reason to move to DT.
It works great for any researcher (from journalists to scientists) and creative writers.

May be we can suggest more if you specify your needs.