Still confused about Zoom to width for PDFs

I’m still confused about Zoom to Width for PDFs:

When i have a normal short, say 1-page PDF it views perfectly in DT3:

I select it and it shows automatically as Zoomed to Width (because I have set the PDF Display setting to “Single Page Continuous”).

But then I select a loooong 260-pages PDF – and it shows rather small as if I had selected "“Single Page”. Even hitting manually Ctrl-Cmd-W does not change this.

Why’s that and what can I do about it?

Not sure, but that happens when the PDF has a bigger page (landscaped, for example) and it adjusts to the biggest page. At least this was the reason when it happened to me.

The magnification is mapped to the page mode.

Continuous modes map to Zoom to Fit.
Non-Continuous modes map to Zoom to Width.

That explains it! Makes total sense.

I guess it means I can’t do anything about it…

What I do in that case, is set to continuous and zoom manually zoom to the normal page width. And then spacebar scrolls screen by screen.

Good idea. Thans.

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