Still having issues with OCR in DT Pro 3.5.2

Even after upgrading to 3.5.2, I’m still having the same issue with a ScanSnap ix500 (on MacOS 10.15.6). I use ScanSnap Manager to scan directly into DT, I see the OCR happening in the bottom left corner, but I can’t select any text, even though the Kind is PDF+Text. And I know that that the OCR occurred - if I select the entire document and type CMD-C, I can then open a text editor like BBEdit and paste the OCRed text into it. But I still can’t select the text unless I re-OCR the document to searchable PDF (and I get a dialog box asking me if I’m sure I want to re-OCR), after which all is well and I can select the text. I also checked the log window and it’s empty.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and attach the problematic PDF for us to inspect. Thanks!

Bluefrog, done, thanks!

One other note - I’ve noticed by clicking around in the document that URLs do work if you click on them, even if you can’t select them.


I am having the same issue here. After OCR, the text cannot be selected but strangely concordance is able to pick up words in the document. Waiting for a solution.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.


I am also encountering the issue where the text in a PDF is not selectable, but the ‘report a bug’ feature doesn’t do anything when clicked.

It should start a draft email to our support system.
Just go to and start one.