Still struggling with bugs in basic functionality of Server

Thanks so much for addressing some issues in Server in the last update.

The two main issues we still have to make it usable are:

  1. The standard view is difficult to use. In comparison, the Widescreen view (search items in list on left, document on right) is much more user friendly. BUT whenever you search, it defaults to the standard view and if you then click Widescreen all the search results are lost.

Use case: We have researchers wanting to go through a large PDF library. E.g. search for the term, find a list of PDFs (on the left), then read the docs on the right. This viewing format fits a standard sized monitor nicely. They might find 50-200 hits and using the standard view is difficult to keep track of where you are and makes reading the results very difficult. It will be so much easier if the Widescreen view worked, so they can track what docs they have gone through in the list on the left.

  1. In terms of the interface once the doc has loaded, there are no viewing option for some files e.g. Excel and the BRILLIANT list of examples of where the search item is found in each doc, present in the main DT app, is missing.

If there is any way these can be built into the server OR (better) if we could pay for more licenses of the App itself, but users could access a remote library instead - that would be fantastic. I understand there are issues of loading in hundreds of search results across the network, but we like DT so much we really want to roll it out to our wider team, but are struggling with the best way to do this as we need to be able to maintain a central library.

Thanks for you feedback. I will look to add a widescreen version of the search results in the next update. Currently unsupported documents can only be viewed by downloading them locally, however viewing Office documents is a feature that is on our future feature list.

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PS: Don’t forget… this is a web browser you’re dealing with. There are limitations to the technology.

Compared to desktop apps? I’d say in that relation, the limitations are slowly fading away. Very slowly in the case of Safari, faster everywhere else.

Yes, Understood. That’s why we’d be happy to pay for extra licenses of the app if it could access a remote library - the app works perfectly, it’s just that we need a centralised library with multiple users.

Thanks very much for listening. Understood about Office docs.

If there was a way to use DT App to access a remote library instead of the web browser, I’d be keen for the additional functionality the app provides, and happy to pay the additional licensing costs.