Stop indexing and moving from Dropbox to iCloud

Hi support team. Currently have a folder with a number of sub folders and files indexed via Dropbox. Want to stop indexing and move to sync via iCloud. How should I go about the task? Thanks

Your question contains inconsistencies.

First, you need to clarify are you talking about moving the files from Dropbox, then re-indexing the files in the new location?

Second, are you asking stop “syncing” (you said “indexing”) with Dropbox “synch with iCloud”?

Indexing and Syching are two different and distinct concepts and things.

See about how to delete indexing on page 49 of the DEVONthink Manual… See about setting up synching (something different, remember) on page 58.

Page 56 of the Manual talks about “Indexing and Synch”.

Sorry, didn’t explain myself properly. Currently my folder and sub folders are indexed. I’m synching via Dropbox to another Mac and also iPad.

Now I want to move back to iCloud. Might as well stop indexing as well as - prefer to have files reside in devices now. Hopefully it’s clearer what I would like to do.

Have you taken a peek at the documentation pages I pointed you to? After that, questions?

I urge you to read and understand the documentation about DEVONthink and the tasks you plan. If you have not already done, you get a copy of the manual at DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras

Also while there, get a copy and read the free-of-cost (compliments of DEVON Technologies) “Take Control of DEVONthink” ebook.

Finally, (since this suggestion not in the documentation far as I kjnow) when you do set out to make this change in sync, my over-riding advice (after you read and understand better the above) that before you remove the Dropbox Sync Location you add iCloud as another “Sync Location” and make sure it works for you before removing Dropbox. Also, you may find the Bonjour method of synching also useful to add as it’s fast and reliable.

Yes read those already before posting. Still a bit confused, maybe more worried than confused as a lot of sub folders & files. Don’t want to screw anything up. But your advice is right and was thinking the same thing. Would prefer to do both of removing index and change cloud provider at the same time - that’s the reason for asking advice in the first place. BUT after thinking more about it, removing index is not top priority - sometimes I get duplications, not sure why? Moving from Dropbox to iCloud is more important. Maybe I should do cloud migration first and then look into removing indexes few days later.

Do you mean changing sync location from Dropbox to iCloud?. Suggestion: be more precise in what you write and say (and do!).

If “yes”, then re-read the documentation about setting up iCloud sync, then “add” it to the Synch Locations (without deleting Dropbox). Make it work. Check that it worked as you expected. on another device, connect to this new sync location. Check that it worked as you expected. After success confirmed, you can remove the Dropbox sync location (instructions in manual).

has a lot of sub folders & files.

You will only see subfolders and files in DEVONthink when looking at your imported and indexed files. There is a difference. Nothing to do with sync.

Would prefer to do both of removing index and change cloud provider at the same time -

Why? What problem are you fixing. Surely do not do in one step.

You can use the same approach to first copy the files into the new folder structure on your Mac which supports your iCloud service, then setup indexing. Test and confirm it works as you expect, then (following instructions in Manual) you can remove the DEVONthink index pointing to Dropbox files on your Mac, then remove the files from Dropbox if you want.

Remember: Sync is NOT index. Just not.

Edit a few minutes later:

Maybe I should do cloud migration first and

Recommend you not think of this as “migration”. Word precision important. You are adding a new sync location, then (if you chose to) you are deleting an old sync location. You are NOT moving the old sync location to the new sync location, which “migration” means.

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@rmschne is correct on several counts. Treat this as adding a new sync location as there is no migration from one method to another. If you enable iCloud, no sync data is passing from Dropbox to iCloud.

If you choose to stop indexing, you can delete the indexed parent folder in DEVONthink and empty the database’s Trash (emphasis intended). But this is not required if you’re just switching to another sync method.

Thanks for the tips.

No problem.