STOP indexing - chose wrong (massive) folder

Newbie mistake - trying to path down to small folder I wanted indexed, DT3 started indexing 3 levels above. Is there a way to halt DT# indexing in its tracks?

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Though I generally wouldn’t recommend it. You could force quit it… or just wait it out then delete the indexed top level group, empty the Trash (telling it to only delete the references in the database), then properly indexing the correct group.

And if you had used tags generously in the indexed folder you will find a large number of inactive tags later even after you have deleted the indexed folder.

Just search for kind:tag item:!data to find all obsolete tags.

That’s a very useful tip. After de-indexing a folder with tons of tags I created a Smart Group with Kind is Tag and Size is 0 to list and then delete all unused tags. Worked but only really makes sense if you are in need of this view permanently.

That‘s a great tip! Many thanks

BLUEFROG, suavito, cgrunenberg
Thank you for your advice.

I was asking because my previous experience (35 y using MS Windows) suggested the system would hang and need to be rebooted. I am delighted to find that was not the case with my new Mac and DT3. DT3 finished quickly with no user-apparent impact on system resources. Thanks BLUEFROG for the excellent application. One day I will learn how to use it (I’ve got the book Take Control, am going through the videos @screencast, and reading the forum and DT3 users blogs. I’m forming new neurons and synapses, so add fostering brain health to your skill stack list).

cgrunenberg and suavito - I’m just learning to apply tags. Your tips will help me find/fix my false starts.

Thanks BLUEFROG for the excellent application.

DEVONthink is surely a team effort, of which “I am the least of these” :slight_smile: but thanks for the nice comments on behalf of us all.

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