Stop OCR while scanning

Some times when scanning docs into DTO via my ScanSnap 1300, I don’t want DTO to do an OCR. How do I temporary turn this on and off as needed? In other words, there are some documents that I do not want DTO to convert to a searchable PDF.


Snow Leopard 10.6.4
2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB memory
Mac Book Pro
DTO 2.0.5

Toggling “Incoming Scans: Convert to searchable PDF” under Preferences > OCR is the only method I know offhand.

Take a look at other DTPO preferences (not just OCR) you might want to adjust while you’re there. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much.

Also, I just noticed a “Perform OCR” checkbox on the File > Import > Document (via Import Capture) > Options… sheet for the Canon MX870 AIO I’ve recently been figuring out how to scan with. DTPO doesn’t find the scanner until after it’s selected in Image Capture and quitting that app, then only remembers it temporarily. And so far DTPO is unable to scan directly from its Scanned Document window so I’ve just been using Image Capture to do it. And ExactScan Capture completely fails to see the scanner. 'Tis thwarting my intentions of using this MX870 and its document feeder to easily scan a backlog of documents into DTPO.

Just found this in the documentation:

Note: Due to deficiencies in Mac OS X’s Image Capture, it’s not yet possible to access network scanners. We’ll post a workaround as soon as we find one.

I wonder if that includes wireless access, which is how the MX870 is connecting.

Problem with ExactScan is the lack of a TWAIN driver in the default Canon printer/scanner software installed on 10.6. Downloading/installing MX870 series Scanner Driver from Canon’s site might resolve it but I’m still undecided about doing that.