Stopping email import

Um… I expected the Pro version to give me the option to manually import an email into Devonthink as needed.
Apparently I accidentally enabled AUTO import. Which means my DT databases are being heavily spammed. I want to stop this ASAP, and, ideally, undo it… hopefully without undoing the intentional imports.
I’m not sure how I started it, and the manual, or, rather, what I found so far in DT3 help just assures me of all of DTs ability to do it (import or archive email). :upside_down_face:
P.S. I’d also like to retain the ability to manually import an email.

I’m not actually aware of an auto-import function for e-mail. Both the import and archive buttons in the e-mail sidebar - to my knowledge - trigger one-off actions; the handbook would seem to imply the same. Archiving a mailbox can be time consuming though - is it possible you have selected to archive a very large mailbox, and the process is simply ongoing? Is it otherwise possible at all that you have a mail rule in your mail app which is sending mails to DT?

Please can you describe more precisely what is happening?

Yes please clarify what you are referring to as there is no auto-import of emails, i.e., newly received emails aren’t automatically added to DEVONthink.

Hmm… yesterday I noticed in DTTG (inbox) that there’s an email folder (there are at least 2, actually) in DTTG, and a whole bunch of emails in it—12,221. By an email folder, I mean, that respective DT folder has the name of one of my email subfolders.
So, I checked DT3 and those 2 folders appear there.
I did not intentionally archive or import any email folders only a few emails and not from those folders.
I’m puzzled.
I’m not exactly sure if the folders are auto-importing. I do sometimes find that an email won’t manually import—instead of 1 email imported, the notificiation will say 0 emails imported. I don’t always check, but sometimes it seems the email is already in DT. Hence me assuming some kind of auto-import was turned on.
I use Mail on my mac; that’s the only place I’ve knowingly manually imported an individual email. (On my iOS device I use Mail & Outlook.)
I’m not aware of setting any rules that would auto-import anywhere.

I do see all my email accounts/folders listed in the sidebar. If I simply clicked on a subfolder would that import it?

P.S. On comparison there were 12,300+ in that folder in Mail, so maybe it’s not auto-import. I deleted the folder in DT, and will see what happens from here.

Check Apple Mail’s Preferences > Rules to make sure you have no active rules that may cause an import. Just to be certain.

I’ll try to check on that (Mail rules), in the meanwhile, this has revealed a new issue. I deleted the folders in DT3 (macOS), but every attempt to do so, thus far, in DTTG results in the app seeming to close. My iPad goes to the home screen, though DTTG still appears when swiping up (app switcher?). Also, sync is not working now.

In DEVONthink To Go, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!