Stopping RSS feed blog category tagging.

I’m using DT Pro Office 2.0pb8.

I have numerous RSS feeds which have been placed in a single Group. Using DT’s Info. dialog, I have checked Exclude form Tagging for the RSS feeds group.

Unfortunately, this is not completely successful, as I am finding that HTML documents downloaded automatically from the feeds are being tagged using the blog post Category originally assigned for the post on the original website.

I will give an example below, and hope a solution already exists or can be implemented;

downloaded feed document url in DT; … u70on3scY/

which in turn links to the parent feed post url; … us+News%29

And the actual blog post url; … resources/

On the last link, you will see that this post was listed in the News category on the website. Unfortunately, DT appears to have ignored the Exclude from Tagging command, and tagged this post under the heading News.

I am currently having to manually delete unwanted tagged categories.


The exclude from tagging option means that documents in that particular group will not inherit the group name as a tag. That is, if the feed group is named ‘RSS Feeds’ and is excluded from tagging, then the documents in that group will not have ‘RSS Feeds’ as a tag. However, documents in this group can, and will, have tags assigned if ‘Convert categories to tags’ in Preferences>RSS is checked. Uncheck this selection to stop having feed categories applied as tags. You will still be able to assign your own tags, regardless of the group and RSS tag settings.


Thank you for the prompt reply, Greg. Yes, I did have the Convert Categories to Tags option checked in the preferences. Thank you for the explanation and simple solution.


A hearty thank you from me, too, Greg. Dealing with this was one of those get-around-to-one-of-these-days kinda thing. I noticed the issue pop up in my DTP feed and jumped on it just now. 2,600 tags just eliminated. Yay! :slight_smile: