Store same file in different folders

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this is possible in Devonthink or not, it’s a feature I saw in Keep It. I use Devonthink as a surgeon for all different kinds of surgical techniques, chapters from books, patient cases etc.

I have al my notes, PDF’s and books grouped in folders, subfolders in different databases.
Let’s say I have a specific case that I’m preparing. I would like to group notes/pictures/PDFs that are scattered throughout a database in 1 folder.

If you edit a note in this group, the original note that is still in some folder/subfolder is also edited. So you are able to put the same file in different folders and if you edit one, the other one gets the same edit. Keep it did a great job with this feature.

Is this possible in Devonthink?


Hi :slight_smile: What I think you want to do is get the handbook if haven’t already, and read about replicants on pp 10, 11. The alternative approach would be to set up a smart group (in my example listing all documents tagged with “Case1”) for your case, and tag the documents you want appearing there (e.g. in this case with a tag “Case1”). That latter approach would be required if your files were spread across more than 1 database, as replicants only work within a database. Otherwise it’s a question of preference.

Hi Blanc,

thank you for your quick reply. It’s well explained in the handbook :wink:
I’ve got it working.


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