Strange behavior? database w 485 records is syncing 15,000 items (and counting)

Hey all,

[note - I’ve included lots of detail about my setup in case its useful. But the key issue is bolded below]

I’m setting up a new Devonthink database. It contains solely PDFs that are indexed from a pre-existing nested Finder folder structure. (Worth noting that it’s 1.8GB, but also that I have two other ~2GB databases that are working fine.)

I successfully created and fully indexed the new database on my office computer. I then successfully added it to my existing DT sync store. The problem is emerging with trying to set up a sync’d second instance of the database on my home computer. (Worth noting that all my other DT databases currently sync fine among 3 devices.)

Here’s the question. I sucessfully copied the database to my home computer, creating a second instance of it. I successfully re-indexed the second instance to the files (which exist in parallel on all my devices). Then the problem: I connected the second instance to my sync store, and hit “sync.” That was yesterday. It’s still syncing almost a full day later.

More than the time it’s taking, what’s making me wonder if something is wrong is the sync update bar. Per screenshot #1 below, the database has 485 files. Per screenshot #2 below, the sync update bar is currently reporting 15,000 items in the sync queue–and that number keeps rising, with the actually-synced items perpetually trailing the listed quantity by 500-700 items.

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 1.50.45 PM
Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 1.50.50 PM

Is this normal behavior when a very big database gets synced? I’m inclined to just let it run, but I also need to start working with this thing so if this is a sign something’s gone haywire I’d love to know that. Just super weird for there to be so many “items” to sync, since the total number of actual PDFs is <500.

Any thoughts most appreciated!

Just got a “Dropbox 503” error from DevonThink. Googling led me to the suggestion this might be an overuse limitation, which I suppose is plausible at 10s of 10,000s of files. (Though, again, that presents the question of how we get from 450 files to 15,000…)

When I tried to log into Dropbox, I got an error message, with this explanation.

So, who knows. Just gonna leave this alone for a day and try syncing again tomorrow once I confirm that I can log back into Dropbox.

We’ve covered this question many times on the forums, including a few days ago.

However, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket so we can get a better view of what your situation really is. Thanks!

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Man, I think of myself as being reasonably good at searching, but I looked for the “too many items” issue and couldn’t find anything!

I will send in the ticket after I try one more thing. I want to see if there’s something on the Dropbox side that’s explaining it — the error in the DT log led me down a trail that suggests there might be something odd w/DT. So I’m going to check that out tomorrow and then if it’s still doing the endless syncing thing, I will check in with the ticket.

Thanks Jim!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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