strange behavior of rss feeds - posts appear in wrong feed


I wanted to try to use DTPro Office also for having an overview of my favorite blogs and therefore created a group “Blogs” in the Inbox of my database, where I added about 10 rss feeds.

It sometimes happens, that a post appear in the wrong feed - I wonder how that is possible.
For example: I just suddenly found a german post from in the american blog

Did anybody have similar problems or (even better) a solution?

Kind regards


It’s possible to move/replicate posts to other feeds but by default the posts should be always located in the right feed.

Otherwise just export the database as a zip archive (see File > Export > …), send it to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll have a look at this but probably next year :wink:

Hi Christian,

is it sufficient to export the “Blogs” Group?
Otherwise, the whole database file would be much too large …