strange bevaviour with keyboard shortcut fo"bold"

when I press the default command for bold text when writing a rtf document, the text - surprise- becomes bold, but there is no way to change it back. Pressing Apple-B again does not work, neither does choosing “no style” from the format menu.
This is very annoying, as it prevents me from effective text manipulation. How can I change it?
Thank you,

Hi, Mark: Your computer seems to have grown cobwebs in memory, as DT Pro’s character formatting follows the standard Apple Cocoa text code.

Command-B does toggle bold on and off when repeated on selected text.

Try a restart to clear the cobwebs.

sorry, but restart did not work.
Another strange thing is, that after pressing command-b, the menu option for bold in the format menu is dimmed, so that it is not possible to select it. After selecting text and pressing command-b, it is not possible to revert it to normal using the shortcut again. In fact, it is not possible to change it at all.
I am using DTPro 1.2.1 on a MacBook with 1,83 Ghz, 2GB RAM; OSX 10.4.8

By the way, is there a list of the available DT-Pro specific keyboard shortcuts? Since my dissertation began, I am beginning to do more and more work in DTPro - maybe I am becoming a Pro too? It would be helpful to have a link to a list of
handy system-wide shortcuts as well - for example, I just found out by try and error, that I can change between the left column and my actual text by pressing alt-Tab (only in some views). So my added request for a combined list of handy shortcuts for DTPro - I want cobwebs on my mouse!

Thank you!


Mark, now I’m guessing that your document is plain text rather than rich text.

Select Format in the menu bar. If you are working in a rich text document you will see an option to make it plain text.

But if you are working in a plain text document the option will be to change it to rich text.

thank you for this suggestion, bill, but the problem occurs definitely with rich text documents. I only have rich text documents in my database - in fact, I changed the menu bar to display only the button for “RTF-Text”.
Strange enough, in some (older) rtf-documents in my database, command-b works again - I can un-bold text sections here. Strange enough, in about 90% of my documents it does not work properly; I can make text bold with command-b, but then the option is greyed out in the styles menu, so even when I press command-b again, there is no way to revert to standard text again. My only workaround so far is to use the command-3 and -4 to copy the style from a “standard” line, but this takes a long time.

Bill: thanks to your advice on cocoa, I could solve the problem myself. I found the solution on: In this post, Dan Knight ran across a similar problem. It can be fixed with the font book: After browsing for my Garamond, I selected the font and clicked on “remove dublicates”. Now it works again. Hey, am I going pro or what?