Strange inbox behaviors since updating to 3.8.6

I saw the size update in DEVONthink after saving the file in PDF Squeezer.

I can’t believe I didn’t try rebooting because, uh, it seems to have fixed it. I’ve been seeing this issue for a few weeks now and I’m sure I had rebooted once or twice but… maybe not. Thank you both. The DT support is always magnificent.

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I have seen this issue again today, when I deleted a couple of folders with images.

I have sent the bug report to you and development, along with these screenshots and a sample. I took the sample via Activity monitor. (But I do not recall if it was before or after New Group deletion)

After deleting the first two IMG_2 folders,

After “refreshing” the view (going to another folder and returning back), the IMG_2 folders were removed from view. (Unfortunately, I forgot take a screenshot).

I then deleted the New Group (which was intentional, and also it was just above the IMG_2 folders). Hence you see the New Group with the strikethrough.