Strange PDF issue

I generally prepare bundles of documents in DevonThink Office as I can compile a list of the documents to be included, arranged in the required order and then use the Merge command. The file can then be opened in Acrobat Pro XI and page numbers inserted, etc.

Recently, I prepared a document bundle which included a copy of a printed agreement. The general terms of the agreement are purchased and are downloaded with the name of the business watermarked across each page of the printed form of contract. I compiled the document bundle in my usual way and then, because of its size, uploaded the exhibit via Dropbox to my external copy house. When the printed document bundle was returned, the watermarking on the agreement had changed. It had been reduced to 2 parallel lines and the name of the business had vanished. I downloaded the file from Dropbox and the agreement pages were now so altered.

While I suspect that this may not be a DPO issue, any input would be welcome.

If you could start a Support Ticket and ZIP and attach the file, we may be able to determine the cause (and it may be macOS Sierra :confused: )