StripTags or TextStart offset

I’m trying to use TextStart and TextEnd to focus on the actual text content of a page. I have an entry that looks like:

"TextStart" : "<div class=\"usertext-body may-blank-within md-container \" ><div class=\"md\"><p>",

The problem is, the matching HTML actually appears before the result that I want. So I need to skip past the first instance of it. And I don’t see a way to choose a different string, because the server produces some dynamically generated content that I can’t match against.

So my next thought was to use StripTags to strip out the content that I don’t want. It’s in a simple side bar that is like <div class="side">... all the content ...</div> and so I tried:

"StripTags" : [
  "<div class=\"side\">", "</div>"

Unfortunately, DevonAgent crashes when trying to process the results. I don’t know if I’m using StripTags correctly or not – the help says “[array] Array of strings marking HTML tags defining blocks to strip.” but doesn’t provide any examples.

How can I exclude a part of the web page, and match against the second instance of my TextStart?

What OS are you running?


In DEVONagent, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to report the crash. Thanks!

I can do that.

Is there any information on how to use StripTags ? I don’t see any examples documented. Or how to get the second TextStart / TextEnd result?

I’m here to ask for help on how to accomplish a result with DevonAgent. The crash is incidental.

@cgrunenberg would have to comment as I have no examples on it.

The crash is incidental.

A crash isn’t incidental to us, especially if it’s cause by the parameters you mentioned.

The BBC News, Google News, World News Network and JSTOR plugins use this.

Oh, cool! I just saw that I could not edit the plugins, so I figured they were compiled in somehow. I never noticed that “show in finder” was available until now. Still learning things after using it for years :slight_smile: Thanks

so I figured they were compiled in somehow

Many you can duplicate and edit.