Stuck in grid view in DTTG

Yesterday, DTTG 3.6.3 on my iPad “went grid view” without me realizing it and I cannot switch it back to the normal sidebar-navigation.

Updating to the latest 3.6.4 release did not help, as did restarting the app.

Any hint how I can get out of grid view again?

Have you tried to show the item list on the left and switch to another document?

yes I have opened the “item list on the left” and tried many things there, among which switching to a doc.

And is it only a certain group that always opens in grid view? When it’s open in grid view, check its view options in the top right toolbar (icon with three sliders). Is “Always open in grid view” checked by accident, maybe?

No, it’s all databases (2 + Global Inbox) that I can only in grid view. Checking and unchecking the said pref did not help.

Could you please open a support ticket and send us a screenshot? Thanks.