Student pricing for Upgrade


I am still currently in the middle of a trial version of DTPro v.2. I was going to buy a student-discount licence next month. Is this still possible considering DT3 is out, and $100 more expensive?
Is there an option to ignore DT 3 altogether and purchase DT2 at the student-discount price? Is there an option to pay for the student discount of DT 2 now and have that count towards DT 3 if I decide to upgrade later?
Also, will there be a student discount available for DT3 at all? i.e., if I decide to pay for the licence AFTER my trial ends.

I am not sure if the new version, as good as it may be, is worth my money (for the needs I have, that is), so I am also wondering will I be able to trial the new version (150 hrs etc like with DT 2), and if so, will this affect my current DTPro 2 application?
Am I able to trial the two programs separately, or would I have to wait until the DT 2 trial runs out and then download a the DT3 trial?

I am looking for advice due to my situation.

Umm if you buy DevonThink 2 now with student discount you will get the v3 for free.

You can DL the new version right now and test it out but it’s beta.

Ahhh, OK. I didnt realise. I got caught up in all the other pricing-related threads, and didnt really look through the options as thoroughly as I should have.
OK, cool. Will try the new version.
If I download the new version to test out, will it replace the old V2, or can I install them separately?

Thanks for the reply, BTW

You can have both installed BUT do NOT run both at the same time.

You can open your DevonThink 2 databases with DevonThink 3. I have both installed and for the last two days I’m using v3 with the DevonThink2 databases.

Or you can use a different account name(system preference > Users & groups) and then run v3 for testing.

@snakenuts Or you can run DTP 2 & 3 simultaneously with a local sync store.

This is a good solution, but can DT staff echo that this is the best way to go about student pricing? (pinging @BLUEFROG)

As we no longer sell DEVONthink 2 the best way for everyone at the moment is to use the beta, report bugs, and buy when you’re ready. You can use the beta for free but when the beta phase is over you’ll need to buy a license. Straight forward, not much magic here :mage:t3:‍♂

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Thought so! But is there a path for educational pricing or is that unavailable for DT3? (I haven’t found it on the website, but I may not have looked hard enough…)

Thanks for all the replies.
But I’m a little confused:

  1. I can buy DT2 now, and upgrade to DT3 for free later (?), but
  2. you are no longer selling DT 2 (?) yet,
  3. there are no student discounts for DT (3)?

Or you can run DTP 2 & 3 simultaneously with a local sync store.

Unless you are referring to separate user accounts, this is incorrect.

Sure there is :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why are there no student discounts for DEVONthink 3? At least it says so when you visit the DEVONthink product page and click the Buy button :wink:

Missed that! Sorry/thanks!