stylesheet(s) for MediaWiki pages saved in HTML form

Several stylesheets for webpages imported to DEVONthink Pro Office (DtPO) as HTML seem to be saved in the DtPO cache (evidence below). I wonder whether there might be a way to save those stylesheets with a more permanent status.

0] DtPO preferences : Import : Files — every box is checked (Automatic for plain text)
1] use “Clip to …” extension in Safari to save 20 pages in HTML form from (a MediaWiki)
2] view several saved pages within DtPO — style formatting is used for display
3] break network connection, view several more saved pages in DtPO — style formatting is also used
4] close database, exit DtPO, copy database to flash drive, copy database from flash drive to laptop
5] while laptop has no network connection, open database in DtPO, view some saved HTML pages — NO styling
6] enable network on laptop, view one page — styling shown
7] disable network on laptop, view more pages — styling shown for them too
8] empty DtPO cache, view previously seen pages — NO styling
9] repeat steps (6-7) with success

A single online viewing of a styled page seems sufficient for its stylesheets to be loaded into the DtPO cache for subsequent uses that are independent of network connection. Nonetheless, I would prefer an option to retain stylesheets associated with pages I’ve put into a DtPO database.

Use the Download Manager, with options set to save style sheets.

My item (0) should be augmented with the info that I had configured Download Manager : Options by enabling all 9 items for Files.

Experiments invoking “File : Import Site…” from domain/wiki/page for any unit larger than “Only Added Files” started downloads with many (1000+) items. My inference is that your mention of Download Manager only involves setting of its options (as mentioned above, my original message should have cited that having been done).

Note: the next several paragraphs refer to files saved within a DtPO database. The Finder command “Show Package Contents” provides direct access to individual files. Subsequent comparisons could use “diff” within a terminal window, but I used DiffFork to get a two-pane view with differences highlighted in color.

Comparing source saved directly from Safari with the result of “Save Page” while viewing the page in DtPO’s browser shows only 3 differences: each related to data about a dynamically served page (timestamp, viewcount, time to serve the page).

A similar comparison of Safari’s source with the result of “Clip to DtPO” in HTML form shows a variety of changes and additions. Here are a few minor items:
0] original is removed
1] “client-nojs”> revised …
2] <script var = addthis …> added
3] several tags are no longer self-closed, i.e., “/>” replaced with “>”
4] quoted strings use only double-quote, i.e., ‘word’ replaced with “word”

I suspect the major relevant change are new lines mentioning “cache key”:

/* cache key: wikidb:resourceloader:filter:minify-css:4:4250852ed2349a0d4d0fc6509a3e7d4c */
.js-messagebox{margin:1em 5%;padding:0.5em 2.5%;border:1px solid #ccc;background-color:#fcfcfc;font-size:0.8em}.js-messagebox .js-messagebox-group{margin:1px;padding:0.5em 2.5%;border-bottom:1px solid #ddd}.js-messagebox .js-messagebox-group:last-child{border-bottom:thin none transparent}

/* cache key: wikidb:resourceloader:filter:minify-css:4:8b08bdc91c52a9ffba396dccfb5b473c */

A recursive listing of the database contents showed no obvious cache files, but I did not probe the various DEVONthink-*.dtMeta files (nor have I explored ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2).