Subfolders not showing in three pane view.

A function i am really missing (just not finding or really not implemented?) is the listing of folders inside folders in the three pane view. DT is only showing files, but not subfolders in this pane.

Is there a hidden switch to change the behaviour or if not: Can this be added to the software? I often miss subfolders with content if i use my favorit three pane view.
The folders are showing up fine in the two pane view…but not in the three pane view.

See attachement: Its only showing my “test.txt” in the right upper pane, but not also the two folders “London” and “Oxford”
Bild 9.png

The Three Pane view was designed to model how Apple Mail displays folders (mailboxes), files (emails), and content. The top right pane in Three Pane view will only display the documents contained in the folder group selected in the left pane.

As a note on organizing strategy, I know in the past that Devon recommended* that the user should not mix documents and sub-folders (folders should contain only sub-folders or only documents) in the same folder to improve DT’s AI functionality. I don’t know if this thinking has changed for DT 2, but I still organize my database in this manner.

  • Link to the document posted to the DEVONacademy.