Successful DT3 Access via Remote Desktop

I am hoping that the ability to view and edit Custom Metadata is added to the DT3 Web Server at some point soon. In the interim DT3 has become a major tool in my consulting practice given all of its other terrific features, and I need a way for my staff to upload documents and manage metadata such as due dates, client special requests, etc. Some but not all of this can be done via the Web Server since the Web Server does not yet allow viewing or editing of custom metadata.

I tried using Mac Screen Sharing via VNC. While that works to allow access if my employees each have a User Account on my main Mac, it only works from another Mac; if a PC access the Mac via VNC, it interrupts my own session on the Mac rather than functioning in the background. Also VNC is not encrypted so it is a substantial security risk.

So I tried a number of cross-platform remote access software apps such as Splashtop and TeamViewer. Not only do these have perpetual subscription fees, but they also will not work for my purpose- they interrupt my own session on the Mac and do not allow other users to login in the background.

I then came across this option to set up a Remote Desktop server on my Mac. It is not free, but neither is it subscription-based, so it is reasonable economically. From a technical perspective, it works flawlessly and has numerous easily configured encryption options.

In the final design, I set up a local Sync Store for the database in the Shared user folder on my Mac, I installed the Nuords remote desktop server, I set up my staff for user accounts on my Mac, and I configured my router for port forwarding of Remote Desktop services to my Mac. Then I configured DT3 on each of the user accounts to Sync to the local sync store. Now it’s all set and staff can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to access all of the features of DT3 even from a PC in a remote location.

The DT3 web server still is simpler to use so I hope custom metadata is added to its feature set soon. But for now the NuoRDS server works well.

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Soon is a very subjective term…

This will almost certainly not happen in this calendar year and we don’t publish priorities and timeframes for releases. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Note that Screens from Edovia can log in remotely without disturbing the current user. I am just a satisfied user.

That looks like it has a well-done user interface, it supports secure sessions, and the price is very reasonable.

However it discusses how you can access a PC from a Mac; it does not say you can access a Mac from a PC. Do you know if that is possible i.e. can I make my Mac available remotely to my staff who use PCs only?