"Successfully posted to evernote"

When I use the “reformat with Instapaper” option and RTF format, my clippings come with the “Successfully posted to Evernote” annotation. What’s that about?

I can’t reproduce this over here. Is the file really added to Evernote?

Is the file really added to Evernote? I don’t know, because I don’t think I have an Evernote account…or rather, the one I had was used briefly a LONG time ago and I don’t use it any more.

I can post to the board an example of what an article with “Successfully posted to Evernote” looks like.
Not Lonely at the Top - The New York Times.rtfd.zip (124 KB)

I reproduced this using the Chrome extension on this URL, saving as an RTFD file reformatted with Instapaper. (I do not have the Evernote Clipper extension installed, nor do I allow the Evernote Helper to run in the background.)

I also verifed this with a random link: bestbuy.com/site/searchpage. … Best%20Buy

Same results but not actually added to my Evernote account.

Verified in Safari 7.1.8 (9537. as well.

This seems to only affect Rich Text captures.

This seems to be an issue of the WebKit’s HTML-2-RTF conversion.

So is this a DT issue or is the converter an Apple technology? What are the next steps?

It’s an issue of Mac OS X’s WebKit framework. I’d suggest to use a different format for now.

I want to make sure I fully understand what you’re saying: you’re suggesting not to use the RTF format for a while, or are you suggesting there is another way to create the RTF format not using the WebKit?

Don’t use the RTF option with the extension.

Extension meaning don’t use it with Instapaper?

Either without Instapaper or not at all - use a different output method.

Yeah…not so good a solution though. I just tend to delete the top lines that have the green “Posted to Evernote” text and the bottom lines with a similar message. Reformatting with Instapaper often makes the file read better.

I also prefer not to use PDF unless necessary and RTF is good for being small.