Sudden problem syncing after add folders to DT Pro on laptop

With a new laptop I followed the video tutorial on syncing an happily synced between desktop iMac and the laptop, using Dropbox, adding various articles to the inbox of a new database on both machines.

However, yesterday I started adding folders on the laptop so I could sort the saved articles (pdfs) into various categories which hadn’t been obvious to come up with when I began the work.

Both last night and tonight, after closing down the laptop, the sync has failed to work on the iMac at home. None of the folders appear and the sync ends with the error message: “20:53:41: Sync: Europe → Simons-MacBook-Air.local. (Direct Connection) Could not open the connection (the specified host could not be found.”

How has creating folders on the laptop suddenly created a syncing problem? If I bring the laptop back, how do I find all the right files to copy the DT database and all it needs to my iMac in the hope it will then sync correctly in future (if that is sensible?)


What does this mean? It sounds like you’re trying to do a Direct Connection Sync when both machines are not running.

I’m also confused too, as you refer to Dropbox but this is a Direct Connection Sync message.

Perhaps I’ve set it up wrongly, misunderstanding the original tutorial.

I’d like to work on a laptop while in the office, close it down, and then be able to work from the same database, updated, on my desktop machine later and vice versa.

Is there a sensible way of doing that?

Are you bringing the laptop home, or does it stay at work?

Most of the time, it stays at work.

Yes it’s feasible. If the laptop stays at work, and you’re not violating any security policy, you have two options…

  1. A Dropbox Sync via our Sync plugin (not putting the database in a Dropbox folder).
  2. Syncing to a local syncStore on a portable drive (hard drive, thumb drive, etc.)

I personally would opt for number two as it’s faster and more reliable.

Thanks. This is all a little new to me. Is there somewhere I can read about how to do it, leading me through step by step?

I still find DT has an element of magic about it that mystifies me and don’t want to “break” my new database!

Thanks again.


Check out the Help file, or look at tutorials in the Help > Support Assistant, or here online… … rials.html.

Thank you. Will have a look when I get home.

With luck, it will show me how to put everything back to its original state before I got it wrong!

I"m sure it will be brilliant when I get it sorted.