Suddenly will not import

I’m not sure what happened but all the sudden, Devonthink will not let me import anything like images or pdfs. Folders will important. But nothing in them. I get the ‘error sound’ when I try.
I restarted my computer and checked my import preferences, but nothing has changed. Since I run my own business using a devonthink a lot this is a serious problem since I’m already getting backlogged with stuff to file and sort.
Any ideas? :frowning:

Are you using DEVONthink Personal 1.x? It’s limited to 10.000 images/PDF documents.

How can I see if it’s reached 10,000? I’m fearing it might have reached capacity. I was originally just using it to organize my ideas for my new house and it was so great I just started using it for everything and forgot about the limit.

Never mind. It has reached capacity.
Thanks for the help! I thought I was going crazy.

Note: If you are running OS X 10.5.x you might consider DEVONthink Personal 2.0, which has no limitation on the number of images and PDFs.