Suggestion: Calendar Tags and Folder + Subfolders View

Hello and Thanks for your awesome software!

I’m using DT Pro Office and DA Pro both for private and business tasks. One database is containing an archive of newspaper articles, mostly PDF+Text. While I take no care for naming the 3rd party scans received via email, I’d like to tag them with a date. This date would be not connected to any file system attribute, it is simply the date of the newspaper, a logical attribute.
My vision of a date tag view (optionally, e.g. inside a folder) would be a hierarchical list of years, then months, then days. A date should contain at least the year, but doesn’t have to be complete to sort the tagged document. When opening a year, one should see all matching documents, when opening a month the view becomes more specific.
Of course the UI must be extended, maybe a contextual date picker which allows even partial dates. Date tag viewing should be optional for databases and each of their folders, not every context needs a date.

Other uses: Tax documents (year only), personal correspondence, archived email etc.

The second issue is a complete folder content view: you choose a folder, by switching an option you see the direct content as in Finder or you see everything in this folder and its subfolders. This suggestion includes tag views (and the above calendar tag view I suggested). Maybe the icon of the hierarchical node one views either way should change. An archive of scientific articles is organized in subfolders, where appropriate, but when I choose “Bone Surgery” I want to see the articles in the subfolder “Endoprothetics”, too.

Using tags was no good option: the tag “cloud” became too large to allow a quick access. Using tags would be an alternative, if they’d allow an inclusive view as described for folders above.

So maybe I’ve overlooked something in the manual or should have done a more serious forum search before - give me a little spank, then :wink:
With (logical) date tags and an all-what’s-inside view for any hierarchical node (folder or tag) organizing and finding documents in DTP would get the final kick to perfection.

Please let me know if there is a solution or workaround for this or if my suggestions are interesting for you.

Best regards,

Thomas Rix
DTPO 2.5, DAP 3.4