Suggestion: Destination: Select Group HUD + Favorites

I’ve written elsewhere that the Preferences > Import > Destination: Select Group feature is good and powerful, because in one stroke one can set the document name, the destination (select from group list for all open databases), and set tags. I like this HUD much better than Tools > Show Groups and Tags (AAMOF, why have two HUDs that are nearly identical?)

To save keystrokes, I’d suggest these upgrades to the feature:

  1. Include Favorites. Could be done by having a fourth button (in addition to New Group, Cancel, and OK), that would toggle the display between Favorites and Groups. So when on Favorites, the button would say “Groups”, and when on Groups the button would say “Favorites”.

  2. Optionally cause the HUD to open if DTPO is open & we save a document to the global inbox in the Finder sidebar. “Optionally” because one doesn’t want this HUD always. “If DTPO is open” because we probably won’t want merely saving to the global inbox to cause DTPO to launch.

(removed non-accessible link)

Thanks for the suggestion, the group selector will be probably enhanced in the future and adding favorites is just one of the upcoming improvements.