Suggestion for Easyfind.

I really love Easyfind, use it on an almost daily bases.

But, I do miss one really small thing, maybe just an hour or so of programming to add this.

I would like to see certain folders to be excluded from searching.


I try to find all .lproj folders in Applications, but I want my adobe folder excluded from the search.
On my Mac this is in /Applications/AdioVisual/Graphic Solutions/Adobe, I want to be able to exclude just that one folder from being searched, is this possible to add?

Cheers Perry

Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely possible but it’s the first request of its kind. And as time is unfortunately a rare resource over here, there are still lots of other, more popular requests in the pipeline.

+1 for exclusions !!

Thanks to considering it.

+1 from me as well, great idea.