Suggestion for PDF Postprocessor wanted


I just got myself a ScanSnap1500 and am very happy.

But unlike with my previous scanner now all the steps are automated, what is great, but gives my less control.

I’m looking for an affordable tool to do some PDF post processing like:

  • turn image to grayscale
  • lower resolution
  • “smoothen” the image
    this things would nice
  • “show” text plane
  • remove image completely/partly

I’m using DT Pro Office with OCR and have PDFpen as well.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Just realized, that PDFpen actually does the trick.

Edit -> Resample Image
Edit -> Deskew and adjust Image

This does not allow me to remove noise, but I’ve simply changed the image to grayscale and played with contrast/brightness …

Finally back to PDFs in the 100k/page size…