Suggestion regarding backup

I love the way DevonThink Pro can create a snycstore in the background to DropBox and I dont have to sync that file back down (I just turn off the folder via Selective Sync in DropBox). Id like to suggest that the backup run the same way, with a FULL backup including files. A zipped file is fine!

Thanks for the suggestion. Noted, but no promises.

You can of course already do this by using a local sync store. But right now this shouldn’t be the only backup.

You can also use ChronoSync, or Carbon Copy Cloner, or a number of other apps to copy your database .dtBase2 packages from point A to point B. Several users have Keyboard Maestro macros that do this when you quit DEVONthink – including making a .zip of the archived database. The roll-your-own solutions are quite varied.

Thanks, Korm. I wonder if they are able to backup in the background as I suggested. My database is about 25 gigs (it has videos and audio) and I dont want the backup to take up space on my drive. It’s kind of out of the box thinking, so Im just wondering. I do see how this could be technically doable but also tricky and maybe not the best route.

Yes, but that’s really not a good idea. Things are going on in your database that might not be captured correctly by some process that is copying the .dtBase2 document at the same time.

An external drive? The problem with backing up a .dtBase2 package to Dropbox (zipped or not) is the same. Dropbox is not a good place for that – you’ve no doubt seen the warnings.

I did see your suggestion here to first export as an archive ZIP and then move it to DropBox. That’s fine by me if you think so!