Suggestion - Rename & classify notes with rules based on OCR


Just a suggestion.

I think it would be fantastic to have the possibly to create our own Smart rules based onto the OCR recognized words.

Rules that once triggered would basically have 2 functions :

  1. rename the document
  2. move the document automatically to a specific folder.

For example :

If OCRcontents contains “Invoice” and OCRcontains contains “DEVONthink” then

  1. rename document from “xwz” to “DEVONthink Invoice”
  2. move document to folder */My INVOICES/Supplier DEVONthink

The way to create Smart Rules being similar as the existing one to create Smart folder …allowing to create much more complex rule than my exemple (with logical condition, AND, OR, NOT, ANY, ALL, NONE, … )

In the same philosophy as HAZEL … but directly integrated within DEVONthink

What do you think ?

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We are considering something along these lines for the next major version. Stay tuned for more good things from us in the future! :smiley:


Excellent … Thank you