Suggestion: Search selection


i would love to be able to search and select. everywhere.

‘clip to devonthink’: let me search for the group
‘go to group’: let me search for a group, select it, press enter and get to the group
‘move document’: let me move a document to a group by searching for a group it
‘go to smartlist’:…
‘go to database’:…
‘go to tag’:…

there are plenty of apps that have this behavior (gmail, mail, thunderbird, vim, idea,…). i have no idea how you guys are navigating devonthink but at least for me this would be a real speedup. manually combing through hundreds of groups is not the way go to.


I’m not sure the implementation is feasible. At a minimum, I would like to see a basic “set selection to”. I don’t think it’s actually that useful (except as a visual) but I’m used to the function in scripting Illustrator/Quark XPress/InDesign/etc.

how can this not be feasible?
there is a script to move a document to a group/tag via keyboard Move | Duplicate| Replicate selected records [+LaunchBar] by houthakker. and that is applescript…

  1. That script isn’t doing what you’re expecting it to do because it can’t without a “set selection to” command (and you’ve said you don’t want to open a window which is feasible).

  2. Your examples are far more complex than what you’re asking for in your original request.

This is not really related.

Again, this is feasible if you want to open a window.

PS: You may also consider if you are under-utilizing search capabilities in DEVONthink. (This is often the case.)

the script shows it would be very much feasible to have a search for selecting groups whenever there is a need to select a group. be it for moving, replicating, switching,…

the script is not the solution obviously.

This is not really related.

it is. check the file. see the dropdown for inbox? i want a textfield where i type the name and it suggests the groups/tags. how is this not related?

  1. Your examples are far more complex than what you’re asking for in your original request.

whats my original request?
Clip to DEVONthink.jpg

Your original request has to do with changing a selection in a DEVONthink window via Applescript. Your current suggestions are not related to Applescript but are extensions of or additions to current functions.

I am not saying you don’t have a valid request - just that i wanted to clarify the technology being requested about, especially since you said this…

What is happening in this script is a far cry from the functionality you are suggesting.

there was no original request regarding applescript. the applescript related question was a cry for help in /scripting. this thread is a request under /feedback,requests&suggestions.

i have been using the go/move/replicate script and i gotta say: completely changes the way you can use devonthink. this should honestly be a top priority feature for the next release imo.