[Suggestion] Sorter - Screen Capture - Forth choice


When I am listening to a presentation/course … I often take capture screen of the slide I need to review/learn. I find myself more and more using the following workflow:
1- Open Sorter (ctrl+m)
2- Go to the Screen capture (opt+cmd+5)
3- Click on the “selection” option (cmd+3)
4- Then select the area to capture
5- Send to the inbox
After the meeting/couse/presentation, I will open DT to :
6- Merge the Images
7- Convert them to pdf+Text (to keep it)
8- Delete the images and the original pdf
9- Classify the pdf+text with the classify tool

I see that I can automate all those steps, except the step 4 :frowning:
It will be very nice if the the sorter remember the last coordinate of the last selection capture and give us a 4th option : “Last Selection”. That way we can add it to any automation.

Side subject :
The tooltip is saying cmd+5, but it’s opt+cmd+5
I think it’s a typo.

Thanks for the suggestion

+1 from me