Suggestion to create MD references using EndNote


I would like to use my Endnote Reference to rename MD Files.

I used to create a new MD that contents a small text and a simple title

(New Markdown Note___Cmd-L.scpt).

I need to say many thanks for the great job that @bernardo_V made in its link >>

I really want to use his suggestion as describe in (DT3 Bibliography) Formatted reference from Custom MD, but I don’t have much experience in scripts and smart rules.

What I want to do is rename some markdown with the same reference from its original book.

I have some doubts about how to run this Apple script.

I have a lot of files to do that and I do not understand well how a smart Rule would work for that.

Some suggestions?

My actual information at EndNote is:

After import at DevonThink

My metadata

I test Zotero and I think that my problem should be solved with that.