Suggestions for Mindmap software that works well with Devonthink

Do you all have suggestions for Mindmap software that works well with Devonthink? What features should I be looking for to get the most out of both apps?

Any application supporting Quick Look and Spotlight would be ideal so that DEVONthink can use this too to display & index the files.

Can you explain a bit more what you are looking for when you say "works well with DEVONthink?

Can open and edit in external app on both Mac and iOS.
Mindmap app can export mindmap as list that can be used in DT.

I’m sure there are many things I am not aware of that I should consider. I was hoping to learn what mindmap app people enjoy using with DT and for what reasons.

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Both iThoughts and MindNode are popular choices. DTTG can’t display an iThoughts mind map on an iPhone, but you can open and edit it using iThoughts on the iPhone, even if it is stored inside a DEVONthink database.

MindNode and iThoughts have slightly different features, so the choice might come down to which features set is more attractive to the individual.

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iThoughts is gr8. A lot of advanced features.


XMind is another option, which has some features that Mindnode is missing. I use MindNode a lot and while I love the design and ease of use, their development is very slow and they do not interact with their users, as we do here.

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