Suggestions for Obtaining DEVONthink To Go

Hello everyone,

I thought I would try the forums for any suggestions in obtaining DEVONthink To Go, because I’ve racked my brain (and Google’s brain) and I can’t come up with a solution. I know that my problem is more of an App Store / Apple issue, but it’s worth a try just in case.

I have the old version, and have had it for some time now. I know the new version is out there, and of course I want it given the many improvements, but it doesn’t seem to be available in my country’s App Store. The thing is, I moved to a new country prior to the new version being released. The fact that it’s been released the way it has, has really thrown a spanner in the works.

There isn’t a way that I can just change App Stores to a different country, so that’s not an option. No doubt it would be a very time-consuming task in any case, just to do it all for 1 app, because it would upset my iCloud Music Library, my Family Sharing, etc.

Is there another way? Is side-loading an option? Will DEVONtechnologies take pity on me and open it up in my App Store if I beg?

I’d appreciate any suggestions you all might have.

Thanks and regards.

Sorry, but patience is the only other option.

According to schedule 2 of the App Store distribution agreement Apple does not collect taxes for any sales except in the US, the EU, Australia, and selected other countries. For all other countries we as DEVONtechnologies would be responsible for a) knowing what taxes to collect, b) pay the taxes. As in most of the other countries we couldn’t even read the tax documentation (e.g. in Cyrillic or Taiwanese) so we had to restrict sales to the set of ‘safe’ countries. Please feel free to contact Apple regarding this situation. We’re closely watching changes in Apple’s agreement and will start selling to other countries as soon as it’s legally possible for us.​ Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Jim, thanks for your response.

I’d just like to clarify that I’m living in a tax-free jurisdiction, in the Middle East. Tax issues shouldn’t be a problem, especially Sales Tax issues, because there aren’t any in this part of the world.

Does that change the thinking any? I’m happy to take this offline and discuss it with your Sales Team, if that helps?

The problem for us is: How do we know? Apple doesn’t cover your country and your tax legislation is unreadable for us as non-Arabic readers. And this is the case for more than a hundred of other countries where Apple leaves us, currently, out in the rain.


You could create a new separate Apple-ID just for the US AppStore and use this account just to get devonthink. You dont have to change iCloud Settings.

Just change region/country to US, log into the US AppStore with the separate ID and buy devonthink. After installation you can change the AppStore back to the ID you normally use + change back region/country.

Did this for instance to enable ApplePay in germany by using an App thats only available in france. Created an french Apple-ID, logged into the french AppStore, installed the App and changed back to my german account / appStore. To create a new Apple ID in the US you may need an adress … search a hotel in google and you will have a valid adress :wink:

Some years ago before I moved to the US but needed a US iCloud-ID I bought a iTunes Gift Card on Ebay since Apple demanded a Credit Card with a US address.

I am sure you can google how to do today. I have a US iCloud ID and one Swedish.

Good Luck!