Suggestions for "special icons"

  1. I’d like it if the new “special icons” (for duplicated, replicated, indexed, etc) could be in their own column so that I could sort based on that information, and also optionally disable the column for cases where I don’t want to see it (like groups where everything is indexed).

  2. When the special icons column is showing, it would be very cool if it was clickable. Here’s what the behavior would be:

a. Duplicates and Replicants: a contextual menu showing the full path to every duplicate and replicant. If I select it, it “reveals” it in the database.
b. Indexed: a window showing the full path/URL of the item. If I select it, it open it or reveals it in the Finder.
c. Commented: Show the comment.


I, too, would love to see this feature implemented.

Also, it would be nice if smart groups, e.g., one set up to collect instances of replicants, could have a column option or addition to existing location column that includes the database name where the file resides, i.e., writing>records>misc vs. attic>records>misc, etc.