Summarize mentions of a Tag


Lots of great tools on the new update - thanks.

The following caught my eye as potentially being very useful to me, but I cannot work out how to use it.

Under Tools>Summarize Mentions the notes say

“It is also possible to summarize the mentions of a tag, e.g., to create a report for a certain topic.”

Any pointers please?


@cgrunenberg : I just double-checked this. The tag name isn’t detected as a mention but an alias on a tag is.

Just tried this successfully for a tag named “Telescope” - two articles in the global inbox were shown as expected by the inspector and the results of Tools > Summarize Mentions look fine too. What’s the name of the tag? A screenshot of Preferences > WikiLinks might be useful too.

Sorry guys a bit of a misunderstanding here.

I was not reporting a problem, I was asking how to use the feature.

I have looked in the manual for 3.8, and on this forum , but for the life of me cannot see how to "… summarize the mentions of a tag, e.g., to create a report for a certain topic.”

Probably me being thick, but there are non so blind as those that cannot see.

Thanks Chris

I agree: I can’t get Summarize Mentions to do anything either for a selected document (with a “Mention”) or for a selected tag.


Do you want to view the mentions in the inspector or use Tools > Summarize Mentions? In both cases this should be possible after selecting the tag in the main view.

A screenshot of the inspector would be useful (or ideally the complete window). Thanks!

Apologies: Summarize Mentions for a selected document did do something—I just couldn’t find where it had put the summary (but have now discovered it).

I still can’t get Summarize Mentions to do anything when run on a tag highlighted in Tags > [Database name] > [Tag name] in the navigation sidebar.

Edit: in the latter case both Summarize Mentions options in the Tools menu are greyed out (i.e., as Markdown, as Rich Text). No doubt I’m doing something wrong but am unclear exactly what.


The tag has to be selected in the main view (most commands use the main view selection, the sidebar is basically just for navigating)

Ah, thank you! Now, in that case I can use the Tools > Summarize Mentions > As Markdown menu…but it still doesn’t seem to do anything. (I checked a smart group for documents created today: nothing relevant.)


What was selected in the main view and what did the inspector show?

Moderately redacted screen shot to follow…just need to prepare it!


There is something very odd happening. For that selected tag (which had been used three times and showed “3” in the main screen near the tag name) there were no “Mentions” shown. If I select a tag where “Mentions” are shown then, of course, a summary is created.

On further investigation, it appears that the number of times a tag is used (as shown in the main screen) does not equate to the number of “Mentions”. Indeed, the “Mention” appears to be text within the relevant record rather than the tag itself.


Now working in the main screen other than the sidebar and getting some results.Similar results to Stephen. Admiral tag applied to 26 items, only 7 items in Mentions inspector, 1 of which has no Admiral tag.

That’s correct. Tagging doesn’t matter, only occurrences (“mentions”) of names/aliases inside documents.

OK—I’d completely misunderstood, then, how “Mentions” of a tag worked. Thanks for the clarification.


If tagging doesn’t matter how does the following work please?

"… summarize the mentions of a tag, e.g., to create a report for a certain topic.”


The topic is the name of the currently selected item (and its aliases), the summary contains all mentions of them. In the end it doesn’t matter what is selected, only name/aliases matter.

I think I’ve got it. Thanks