Summary in one RTF-note of highlighted text in multiple pdfs

I would suggest the following features for a future Devonthink Upgrade:

With one click, a RTF note is generated, which contains the name / link to all PDFs of the selected pdfs / or the current folder, and also the highlighted text and annotations of these pdfs. This would allow to have with one click a summary of all important (highlighted) paragraphs in one note-file, including also the reference that allows to jump directly to each document.

Would this already be possible with a script currently? If no, is there a chance to see such a feature with the next 3.0 release? Would be great.

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Thanks for the suggestion! This isn’t scriptable and not yet planned as it’s the first request of its kind but we’ll add this to our list of possible improvements.

Danke, thanks for your answer. I am really sure, that a lot of other users would enjoy such a feature in order to have a summary of all relevant pdfs of a project (journalists, researchers, medical doctors etc). After highlighting text in multiple pdfs of one project, having ONE note-file with all highlighted text sorted by the source with a link to each source would simply be fascinating. I am quite sure. In case there is a realistic chance to include this in the 3.0 release would be great (I know you cannot promise any roadmap). Thanks so much for listening. I am ready to beta-test such a feature as soon as it is ready… just let me know.

The Highlights app does this but TBH it wasn’t a great implementation.
It was too buggy.
But the idea is great – export highlights in whatever form, RTF, plain text or markdown and have a summary with page links in Devonthink.
A reliable implementation of this would be a game changer for research.

Great, that you consider this suggestion for a further update… This would be simply great! However I do not fully agree that this is the first request, other users have made similar suggestions in the past, e.g. DTTG: annotation summary --> I believe that this would be an absolute fantastic feature for many users to even better integrate DT in their workflow…


I realized that I have been the (first?) one to suggest this feature - that has been implemented meanwhile … thanks so much for listening to your customers!

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