DTTG: annotation summary

I now moved away form iAnnotate to do everything within DTTG (V2) with regards to PDF document review. The tools within DTTG are sufficient for my need expect I can cannot find a way to generate a summary of all annotations. That was a nice option in iAnnotate (ans also part of other PDF packages).

Is it possible with the current PDF edition tool within DTTG? If not, is it something coming in the future?

Version 2.0.5 (already waiting for App Store clearance) has a new thumbnail view that can also show you all pages with annotations.

Thank you for evolving DTTG2 rapidly and responsively to user suggestions.

Eric, could you please say more about how to view the thumbnails of just the annotated pages? I’m a new user of DTTG trying out the annotation features for the first time. I have annotated a 250 page document and now am quite lost in terms of how to find what I have done in there. I can’t find anything about this in the Help files. Thanks!

When you select a PDF in DEVONthink To Go 2, you will have these options…

Ah, I see it. Thanks, Jim! I guess I hadn’t scrolled all the way to the top of the thumbnails, since the first several pages of the doc are just TOC, and the controls only appear there. Got it.

My pleasure. :smiley:

Maybe I’m getting greedy (or missing an already existing component), but is there a plan to make it possible to quickly export those annotations as a text file? (I’m a Sente refugee trying to figure out how to work with my PDFs on an IPad again…)
I’ll echo Korm’s point - thanks for your quick updates!

This is the first request of its kind. Noted.


That would be extremely useful.