SummerFest 2021 for DTTG?

Is there a SummerFest discount for DTTG? I cannot find it in the web page.

The discount is limited to DEVONagent/think on the Mac.

Ok. I have selected yearly when I started the 1 month trial. But I want to do a one-time purchase now. I don’t see that option now.

How can I do a one-time purchase?

What is shown under DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Your Subscription?

And did you click the Manage button?

Yes. It goes to iOS Subscriptions page. If I click DEVONthink To Go 3, the Options listed are:

  • Yearly (1 Year)
  • Monthly (1 Month)

There’s no option to cancel the subscription?

I started with a trial for yearly subscription. I have cancelled the subscription. However, the trial will end 4 Aug 2021.

Currently, there are only Yearly or Monthly option for me to resubscribe. There is no one-time purchase.

I believe the other purchase option will become available after the current trail period expires.

OK. Noted. Will wait till the current trial expired.