Support auto add bullet or number in markdown?

I have found that when I am using lists in Markdown, it does not auto-add the next list item. For instance, I am adding a numbered list. When I enter 1. {some text}, then I click Devonthink does not automatically add 2. Likewise, the same is true for bullets. Can this behavior be added or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


Welcome @terryhatmaker
You’re not missing anything. It’s not a feature of DEVONthink. It may be included in a future release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Another question, is there a way to increase the spacing between lines in a Markdown document (editing mode)?

The font and size in the source of Markdown documents is plain text and controlled by Preferences > Editing > Plain Text Font.

+1. This would be a great addition to the very good Markdown handling in 3.7.

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So, you are saying that line spacing is controlled by font and font size. There is no specific line spacing function. I wish we did have that capability. Maybe a future update.

That is correct.