Support for AVIF image format

I was surprised to find that DEVONthink Pro does not appear to support AVIF images.

It correctly recognizes the file format but does not display the image, as shown in the screenshot below:

Here is the image file, which can be opened and viewed in Safari, but not in Quick Look or Preview.

AVIF picture (58.6 KB)

All AVIF images wrapped in HTML based formats fail to display as well:

So I tried opening the same HTML file (given below) in Safari, where all images are displayed correctly.

HTML file (19.6 KB)

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? This was how I found out that a web archiving site important for my workflow has recently switched to the AVIF format.

DEVONthink version: 3.9.1
System information: M1 Mac running macOS 12.6.6

Works fine on macOS 13.4 (also in Preview & Quick Look)

Thanks for the information. Apparently Apple added support for AVIF in macOS 13 and Safari 16.0. My device is operating macOS 12.x and Safari 16.5, which is probably the reason for inconsistent results across different apps.

Still I don’t want to upgrade to Ventura because of serious issues with the built-in Chinese-language input method. Maybe I’ll go for Sonoma, which according to early reviewers fares better in terms of stability.

Thanks anyway!