Support for Google's Android platform?

There was talk about an upcoming iPhone version for DTP version 2. I for one am still on the fence, keeping an eye on Google’s Android platform. With all the recent irrationalities going on in the approval process to Apple’s App Store I am wondering if the more open nature of the Android platform might not be the better solution after all.

Can you clarify how you will implement your solution and whether you intend to make use of Androids SDK (if at all necessary?). In short: Will the Android phone become an option for remote viewing my DTP database or is this not in the cards?

Thank you

We are evaluating native support for the iPhone but we will continue to support also the iPhone AJAX that could also work for any Android phone. We are not planning to build a native Android application at the moment, but that is, of course, subject to how the market for smartphones develops.

So for the moment it is
iPhone: yes
Android: possibly

Regarding the iPhone version, will it function as a viewer only or will it allow manipulation of content,too?
Will it be free for DTP users and can you tell us anything about when it will be available?

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback.

Sorry, there is not much information about a possible iPhone application that I could share at the moment. The AJAX will, however, allow browsing the database and could allow you to add new contents. But, also not much to share at this stage, I am afraid.

I wish you all the best and expect nothing less than that - the best :wink: