Support for Multi Core CPU's


I am very happy with the new release of Devonthink Pro Office except the workflow and the performance of the OCR process.

The OCR software runs only on one core. But OCR is ideal to run on more than one core. I know, Devonthink is using Abbey Software as OEM, but if there is a better option this could improve this process it would be perfect.

The Workflow process scanning, adding details, keywords and so on could be also improved. First there is the Scan process, after that I can specify a folder where to safe the document, then OCR starts and after finished for this document, the process stops and waits for details on filename, comments and tags. If I could put this information into the document when specifying the folder where to safe, I could prepare many documents and let the computer work in background or over night and finish the batch. The current workflow needs input after each document. This would be a very good improvement, until there is no better OCR software avail. I don’t know, if this is possible, but if you can start many instances of the Abbey OCR you could come around Abbey single core limitations.

Both things would be a great enhancements to Devonthink.


And, if we want to be really crazy, I wonder if support for Xgrid would be helpful. I’ve got a number of multicore Macs here, if I could get them all churning to speed up OCR that would be awesome.

You could have DT not ask for details by unchecking the “Set Attributes” option in the OCR preferences panel. I think this will do what you want.

Thanks for the suggestion! Actually it’s not a technical issue but depends on OEM licensing and therefore on money in the end. Using multiple CPUs would be much more expensive. However, we might support this some day.

Is some day getting closer?

Definitely getting closer but not yet close.

Good news. I’m still a happy user, and I would still LOVE this feature.

Hmm, I think by definition “some day” is always closer than it was yesterday. :laughing:

The OEM’s attitude towards licensing a multicore version of the OCR software was that multicore would be like licensing multiple OCR modules rather than one, so they wanted a (much) higher price.

The OEM’s attitude has appeared to weaken a little, but still not there. Negotiations continue. :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I bumped this. Any hope that ABBYY is coming to their senses?