Support for XBEL format/files

It would be great if DTP 2 could read XBEL files. This could be very useful for importing/exporting bookmarks into or out of DTP from various sources. DTP 2 can load an XBEL file but it cannot read it or parse out the data that is contained within it.

My main form of collecting web info is via bookmarks usually in my Delicious account. Delicious feeds are currently problematic in DTP 2 from my experience. Either the feed does not load (when added via the Feed feature) or (with the AppleScript under Import -> delicious) the feed loads once but then does not keep updating. Perhaps importing an XBEL file of these bookmarks would be a better way to go?

The next release will use a generic user agent while downloading feeds and then will work too.

This script downloads the bookmarks of your account and adds (!) the missing ones to the databases. It’s no real synchronization right now.